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Thursday, January 14, 2010

William John Drew and Family

William John Drew, Cecil Drew, Bob Hoar, Hedley Hoar - On the Tamar in 1934 or possibly a bit later, 1938? The boat was built by William John. Seems that the Drew family is inclined to building beautiful boats. No need to guess that this is on the Tamar - Brunel's wonderful bridge can be seen in the distance.

Front: William John Drew and Julia Annie Caple.
Rear, from left: Julia Ann (Drew) Hoar, Cecil, and Gladys May.
Cecil bears a passing resemblance to my cousin Gregory, but maybe simply because of the receding hairline. Wm John is very much like Albert Edward Drew.

William John Drew and his grandson, Hedley (Albert Hedley) Hoar. c.1919


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