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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Passing of Albert Edward "Skipper" Drew

Death of Albert Edward Drew, from the work diary by Theo Woodhead. May, June 1948.

May 1948
22nd Uncle & I went in truck to Deagon, re C Tetzaloff Ext. Also to Dr & Chemist, Uncle being sick. Dr prescr bed, Sulph. Tabs & Mixture. Left for 2 weeks down Bay at 7pm with Sid, Charlie, Nugget & Vic Winn.
23rd Left Bishop Is for Sth End of Moreton. Uncle a little better.
24th Met by Launch on way to Amity. Sid’s sister died suddenly & left him ashore at Cleveland.
25th Uncle had bad night with Cough. Left Lamb at 10am for the Pin. Uncle not too good.
26th Left for Tipplers 9 am. Uncle very drowsy & looked bad, refused shave & wash, had fair night. Tablets finished. Temp up & down.
27th Uncle worse, very drowsy. Woke at 11am & did not know his whereabouts. Pesuaded him to go home by ambulance from Southport. Went to Main Beach for the boys & left for Southport at 12:00. Arrived at Tuesleys at 2pm. Uncle left by ambulance at 2.40 pm. Rang home & made arrangements for Uncle’s arrival. Dr Prentice injected Penicilin Friday, plus Sulph Tabs.
Rest of trip see Log.
June 1948
12th Arrived back at 1230. Uncle in very low condition. Rang Dr & came with Dr Waters for consultation & X Rays. Not much hope of recovery. Assisted Auntie to nurse Uncle. Oxygen & Penicilin administered. Uncle discussed business with me on Sunday to finish Rater for K Payne, Hse for Mrs Hawkins, Riley, Giles, Shaw, Wilsons Launches, repair Dancer, dinghies for Morgan, Tuesleys, finish Perc. Jones and Mr Hydes jobs & other work that was standing as he would not be able to do anything after he got over this sickness. Up nearly all night Mon, Tues, Wed, & Uncle passed away at 7.20 June 17. Never suffered pain, conscious at 6am & then just went to sleep. Breathing at 40 & rapid pulse .& then at 7.15 just gradually went. Is. Handford & I attended him, & I assisted Auntie with general procedure.
19th Uncle laid to rest at Lutwyche at 10 am.
20th Cleaned up house & attended to business.


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