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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More about Darenth Hospital, Kent

I have received a message through B-G Forums about the Darenth Hospital where Phillip Drew spent his short life.

Hello Sir,
You may already have the answer, but the hospital did have a cemetery. I used to be a nurse there and one of the porters took me there. There was a small section, that had grave stones... only for the important people, guards etc in the 1800's etc., then there was the pauper section. I remember the conversation at the time was of the amount of people that must have been down there. I don't know if any records of these were kept; it took a long time to wind down the hospital and things went missing, door knobs and all sorts. I remember looking at some of the oldest residents intern papers and being amazed at the reasons for being there, and some would tell you that they were sane when they went in there.
I'm not sure where you will find any information re this. Dartford has a good but small museum and the hospital is regarded as non Historical there as another hospital around 2 miles away still is up and running. Formerly known as 'Stone House'. Still might be called the same. I know quite a bit of paper work and residents went there.
I hope this is of some help? I might even have a few photo's of the place in a box some where?
Kindest regards

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

BOYENS Query on B-G Forums

There has been a question on B-G.

"I have ancestors in Helston-Joseph BILLIN 1776-1839 m Elizabeth BOYENS 1776-1866, William SYMONS1785-1840 m Alice RUTTER 1794 -who knows about these people?"

followed by

"Is there anyone else researching this family. This branch of the BILLINs came to Australia."

Do any of you Cousins Jack and Jenny have any more information that might help this person? I know some of you have some of those surnames in your tree.

PS Less than 3 weeks to retirement! WOOOT!