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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Treasures From the Shed

Today my brother and I, aided and abetted (well, mostly abetted) by Dad, 'looted' his shed before the lowlifes realise it is unguarded. We divvied up the tools, but the treasure of the day was the small steel punch that Samuel Drew used to mark his tool and his work. I will try to get some suitable photos to put up. Also, three wooden moulding planes once owned by Samuel Drew, marked with the little punch; not in great condition but can be brought back into use with a little TLC. Some of the saws and other hand tools date back to Jack's post WW1 carpentry days.

I was also lucky enough to obtain a copy of Dad's 1926 Report Card, from St Mildred's School, Pinner. He was in the "Kin" Form, 4 others in the form, average age 5.8 years. Teacher Dorothy W Trickey. Will scan and post sometime soon.

It was lovely to spend a day with Dad and my brother, doing bloke stuff and talking bloke talk.We haven't had a real "Father and Son" day since the 1960s, when you think about it.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Charles Street, Waukesha Village

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Waukesha in 1891

Similar area as seen from a satellite, now.

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Waukesha Country Historical Society

I have had a reply from these worthy people.

"Thank you for contacting the Waukesha County Historical Society & Museum Research Center for information about Samuel Drew and his family.

Our Waukesha City Directories includes the years of 1858 and 1890-91, with nothing in between. No Drew entries are in either volume.

I also conducted a preliminary search of other references in our collection to see if an event occurred involving Samuel, his wife or children; however, no family member is listed in any of the indices of:
  • Genealogy Books
  • History of Waukesha County, Wisconsin (1880)
  • Landmarks magazine
  • Index to Waukesha County Wisconsin Marriages 1846-1907
  • Memoirs of Waukesha County (1907)
  • Portrait & Biographical Record of Waukesha County (1894)
  • Obituary Books
  • Obituaries in The Waukesha Freeman, 1859-1920
  • Waukesha County Cemetery Binder for Village of Waukesha
Our plat maps of Waukesha are for 1859, 1873, and 1891. According to the 1891 map, Charles Street runs two blocks between College Avenue and McCall Street. Attached is an image of the area. At least, this will give you some idea about the address for the Samuel Drew Family when they lived in Waukesha.

Best wishes with your research.

Myra K. Vachon
Research Assistant"

No references to the Drew family could be found in their records, which is not strange as none of them died, married, or suchlike. What is interesting is that I can't find Elizabeth Jane or Caroline Belle in the birth registrations that are on-line (Iowa and Waukesha Counties). Could it be that they considered them to be British Subjects and so not registered with the County authorities? This would appear to indicate that they intended all along to someday return to England.

Anyway, the WCHS did send me a nice 1891 map of Charles Street and surrounding area. I am trying to find out what the "Add." in "Miner's Add." means. Seems that the area is now much more upmarket than it was in 1891.

Multimap tells me that the Charles Street of 1891 is now North Charles Street. South Charles Street has been added since 1891.

Blogger is not playing well with others at the moment, so I have not been able to upload the map. When things improve, I'll upload it and a corresponding modern image from Google Earth.