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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alfred Drew, b.1887

You might remember a while back, there was discussion of Alfred and Ernest DREW and some odd entries in the 1891 and 1901 Census. Well, a comment has drifted through to that post, from loopsadaisy1:

"Hi, I have an original oil painting by Alfred Drew, just wondered if he was a relative of yours? The painting is of "Newlyn Old Quay"; please contact me as I am interested to find out more about this picture, thankyou"

Unfortunately, I have as yet been unable to find contact details for loopsadaisy1. So, if you read this, please contact me through the email address you should find somewhere in my Profile.

Does anyone know if 'our' Alfred, or his son, Alfred James, were artists? Newlyn School, perhaps? I will look into it, anyway. There have been paintings on eBay by an Alfred Drew, with a tentative identification as "Newlyn School", but 'our' Alfred would have been a bit young to be part of that movement, and no Drew is listed that I can find as being an 'official member'. Influenced by the Newlyn School, perhaps?

OK - Went into the cached eBay site, and found this:

Alfred Drew (d 2002)

Cornish artist

A dramatic study of life aboard ship in heavy seas! Alfred Drew was a Penzance, Cornwall based artist.

Watercolour/bodycolour on paper.

"I finally gave up going to sea in the 1960's and managed to quell my wanderlust by painting my sea memories on canvas. I eventually painted Landscapes as well as Maritime scenes and taught art to local students for many years..." - Alfred Drew - A Cornish Painter, Passed away 2002

Signed lower right.

So not Alfred b.1887, then.

I also found this link: http://www.frames.uk.com/alfred.htm which shows some of his paintings. The life story fits fairly well for someone born in 1915, so possibly Alfred James? Jayne, is this your Grandad?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Myrtle Florence DREW

Later this year (October to be exact), Dad's cousin Myrtle will turn 96. We visited her yesterday, and I was able to put a few more names and details on old photographs, thanks to Myrtle's wonderful memory of her younger days (the photos in question were taken in 1921-1922).

Her health hasn't been good since a bout of bronchitis at Christmas and a recent cataract operation, but she is still quite sprightly. It was amusing (to me) to see her making sure Dad was moving OK when we got up to leave, just like she did when she was 9 and Dad was a toddler.

Myrtle nursing Dad, late 1921/early 1922.

Picnic on Peel Island, 1922 or 1923,. Myrtle in front, her brother Roy at the back. The older woman is Great-aunt "Ella", sitting with Madge and Dad. The other boys are Reginald Verdon (l) and Isaac "Izzy" Moss (r).

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

William Charles DREW - "Charlie" - More information

Back in July last year, I posted about William Charles DREW and Elizabeth Ann HODGES. Well, I have been contacted by a person whose family knew a "Charlie" DREW from Penzance, up on the Atherton Tableland in North Queensland. Charlie had been a miner for many years at Irvinebank, and spent the last few years of his life (he died in 1925) helping the widow of one of his mining mates on a farm at Tolga. His death registration gives no parents, but his reported age of 76 fits well with a birth in the September quarter of 1848, which is when William Charles' birth was registered. Now, having seen photographs of "Charlie", I am even more convinced that this is our man.

My contact knows that Charlie was buried in one of the cemeteries in Atherton and will track it down - the uncle (now aged in his 90s) of my informant had the grave details, but lost them somewhere along the way. The mystery remains as to when and where Elizabeth Ann died and was buried. She does not seem to be in the QLD BMD.

In the following photos, Charlie is the old codger with the big moustache and wearing his trademark waistcoat which, it is said, he never appeared in public without.

Photos courtesy of Owen Cheetham, whose uncle knew Charlie Drew.