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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Julia Ann Drew

Julia Ann Drew, c.1912.
She would have been about 20 at the time of this photo, before her marriage to Reginald Freeman Hoar.
She is Gail's grandmother.
(Love the rustic chair.)

Superintendant James Henry Drew

James Henry Drew of the Cornwall Constabulary.
Possibly taken at the time of his retirement in 1933, or maybe at the time of his promotion to Super.

William Reginald Capel Drew

William RC Drew in uniform, 1908.
He died in the North Sea after the sinking of HMS Hawke on 15 October 1914.
Striking resemblance to Samuel Henry Drew and, to a lesser extent, Oliver White Drew, even though they both also seem to resemble members of the Bridle family from East Devon.

Gladys May Boundy nee Drew

Boundy Wedding, 20 June 1925, Torpoint.
Rear: William John Drew, George Penwarden Boundy, Gladys May Drew, Cecil Drew
Front: Gladys (or Winifred?) Boundy, Edith M Boundy.
(Gail has Gladys Boundy, but as far as I can tell George's sisters were Winifred and Edith.)

Winifred Jane Burn nee Drew

Winifred Jane Burn on Flag Day, 1918. 

Julia Annie (Caple) Drew and Julia Ann (Drew) Hoar nursing the Burn twins (Arthur R and Wilfred F), 1920. Wilfred F died in 1921, and Arthur R, as far as is known, went to live in Exeter with his father, Frank, and stepmother. If still alive, he would be about 90 years old. Winifred Jane died in or soon after childbirth.

William John Drew and Family

William John Drew, Cecil Drew, Bob Hoar, Hedley Hoar - On the Tamar in 1934 or possibly a bit later, 1938? The boat was built by William John. Seems that the Drew family is inclined to building beautiful boats. No need to guess that this is on the Tamar - Brunel's wonderful bridge can be seen in the distance.

Front: William John Drew and Julia Annie Caple.
Rear, from left: Julia Ann (Drew) Hoar, Cecil, and Gladys May.
Cecil bears a passing resemblance to my cousin Gregory, but maybe simply because of the receding hairline. Wm John is very much like Albert Edward Drew.

William John Drew and his grandson, Hedley (Albert Hedley) Hoar. c.1919

Mary Ann Drew, nee Reid/Reed

Thanks to Gail, I now have some photos of  some of the family of Edward George Drew of Mylor. This one is of Mary Ann, wife of Edward George Jr., and mother of that large family written about in previous posts. If the clothes she is wearing are "widow's weeds", then that would date this to around 1912. She doesn't look too happy about being photographed.