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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Beckerlegs, Maybe

Although there are no identifying details, this is a family album so there is a great possibility that this couple is Mary DREW, sister to Francis and "Charlie", with her husband, William BECKERLEG.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Francis DREW and Louisa DREW, the Kissin' Cousins

Our DREW tree seems to be relatively free of cousin marriages, unlike my mob from the other side of the Tamar who preferred (so it sometimes seems) to marry some kind of fairly close relative. Personally, I blame the cider.

Anyhow, Francis DREW (1841-1908), son of William DREW and Rebecca BOTTRELL, married Louisa DREW (1856-1930), daughter of Bennet(t) DREW and Jane Moyle HOSKING. Their common ancestors were Bennett DREW and Jennifer WILLIAMS, grandparents to Francis and great-grandparents to Louisa. Francis DREW was brother to William Charles DREW, who we have already met and discussed in this Blog.

The current burst of interest in Francis and Louisa comes from a recent contact from Valerie, who purchased an album of postcards and photographs that had obviously originated from Francis and Louisa. Louisa had returned to Penzance some time after Francis' death, and it seems that this album had come onto the market in recent times after the death of some descendant or relative. Valerie did some research, and found me through GenesReunited. She has kindly agreed to scan some of the content of the album for me.

Probably Louisa DREW, Sheerness, Kent.
If the clothes are mourning dress, then about 1908.

Comparing the facial features of the younger woman to the previous photo, it is possible that this is of a young Louisa Drew with, maybe, her mother,
Polly Moyle Hosking. Love the hats. Estimated date, early 1870s?

There are more pics, including postcards sent in from places such as Gibraltar, where the younger Francis seems to have been stationed as a naval shipwright.

I will keep you posted with further developments as they occur.