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Sunday, December 30, 2007

William Reginald Capel Drew


as entered in a previous comment, I have a copy of the obituary of WRC Drew amongst a collection of 200+ pictures and postcards inherited from my Great Grandmother Irene Jane Drew. I have also taken some pictures of the War Memorial for the victims of HMS Hawke, including WRC Drew that is sited in Chatham, Kent, near to the Royal Naval Dockyard there.

I hope that this proves of interest to yourself and Gail.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Congratulations, Gertrude! 100 not out.

Longevity is a patchy thing with the Drew mob, with some living to ripe old ages and others shuffling off the mortal coil far too early. This, from Colin this morning:

"I am attaching a photo from last weeks "Cornishman" of Gertrude Drew on her 100th birthday. I didn't know of her until I saw it in the paper, so I intended to speak to her last night when I was there with the Newlyn Male Choir, (we were there to sing carols for them). But by the time we arrived she had gone to bed.
Anyway I dropped in there this afternoon and had a short chat with her, it was pretty hard going as she is very deaf. In the end I left her a printout of the tree so far, with my contact details to give to her son when he visits. When I have a chance to talk to him I will update my tree and let you have a copy. I know that you are eager to find another descendant still with the name of Drew, well Gertrude had three brothers, so if any of those have male offspring we may be in with a chance.

Just to let you know where Gertie fits in. From the top, first names only.
Robert 1655
Edward 1685
Benitt 1719
Robert 1739
William 1767
Bennet 1809
George 1836
Joseph Henry 1870
Gertrude 1907"
What a wonderful old lady she is! We await more news, Colin.

Oh, and Gertude is my Fifth Cousin.

A Thought: Let's get behind Gertie and post Birthday Wishes to The Cornishman's web page. Click on the following link and let Cornwall know we are thinking of her.